My Stash just grew again (2008)

Started by The Wooksta!, January 02, 2008, 05:45:25 AM

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Quote from: Geoff on January 11, 2008, 09:05:14 AM
1/48th Zvezda La-5FN from Aeroventure. Looks good in the box. :o Wondering if I should do it as OOB, or as a Brit version of the Normandie Neimen with the VVS, I think there was an artwork of that here recently?

I like that idea Geoff  :mellow:
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Zvezda Su-24MR
Italeri Su-34
Trumpeter F-8II Finback
Hobby Boss T-6G x 2

All 1/72nd

The 3 jets will be Chinese.
The T-6s will be real...USAF, etc.. :ph34r:
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Arrived yesterday via the efforts of the Royal Mail and the U.S. Postal Service from HOG:

1/72 Aero C-2 (Arado 96 post-war)

1/72 Fairey Flycatcher

A return parcel is now en route...

Thanks HOG! 
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Picked up today for the grand total of £10, all 72nd:

Master Craft Su-17M4
Master Craft Su-17/22UM-3K
Master Craft Su-22M4/R
Master Craft Su-20/R

Just got to work out what to do with them now!




Today I picked up one of those kits I've wanted for ages;  a 1/72 Tamiya F4D Skyray.  This is one of my favorite USN aircraft, so it may end up as a real-world build.

...but then again I have those Aeronavale decals...hmmm....?
So I got that going for me...which is nice....


Lovely kit AD - and Aeronvale - yesssss  :wub:
Decals my @r$e!


Quote from: The Wooksta! on January 12, 2008, 10:13:32 AM
Two Pavla Lightning F6 resin cockpit detail sets

Lee, do you think these cockpits could be modified into a two seater for the T.4/5/55.  I need some cockpit details in my Lightning trainers
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My order from Squadron Mail Order arrived at my home the other day.

1/32 scale Hasegawa Fw 190D-9

1/32 scale Hasegawa Fw 190A-8

1/48 scale Dragon Ta 154/Fw 190 Mistel

1/48 scale Tamiya Fw 190A-3

The 1/32 scale Fw 190A-8 will be made into a what-if, I will be making this into a plane that has the big tail from a Ta 152 fitted to it.



Over the last few days:
1/72 Hasegawa F-4E, no decals - will go with whif markings. and AV-8A/Harrier GR.1 - not sure what I'll do with this one
1/144 LS MiG-25 - backup parts source for Tu-26MP bits
1/144 Revell MiG-31 - might be built as part of a team with the Tu-26MP using datalinked radar and firecontrol.
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Just arrrived from Lone Wulf, a 1/72 Classic Plane/Luedemann resin Junkers EF-140B/R. This was the Soviet development of the Ju-287, with two underwing Mikulin engines, remotely controlled barbettes above and below the fuselage and wing tip fuel tanks. I've never had a kit from this manufacturer before but the resin parts are nicely detailed, although they'll need more cleaning and trimming along their mating surfaces than, say, a Planet Models kit.

Also got two Revell Tu-22 Blinders from Modelzone. Don't really need them, but they were in the sale for only £7.99 each - - - -


From Monk Bar Models in York:

Airfix 1/76 Bristol Bloodhound
Revell 1/72 MiG 1.44.  I'd never realised how big this girl was!  I was thinking about swapping parts with a Tiffie, no chance of that, the MiG looks a 1/48 kit up against it!
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Via the postie today direct from Hong Kong. one Anigrand X-20 Dyna-Soar. The X-20 has been on my wants list for an age.
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New Tamiya Storch and Hasegawa BMW 327, by way of trade credit from local hobby shop.

Pegasus Hobby Snap together 1/48th V-2.. already built with included shark-mouth stickers. ;D ;D ;D
Not bad for 10 bucks, I will be getting more to build some classic rocket-ships. :dalek: :dalek:

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1/72 italeri UH-1N. nice looking lil' helo.
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Arrived today from Alan at Old Model Kits in a large box:

1/72 Monogram P-6E Hawk

1/72 Matchbox P-12E

1/72 Revell P-26 Peashooter

and something for a good friend across the Pond to whom I am in debt. ;)

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