My Stash just grew again (2009)

Started by Spey_Phantom, January 01, 2009, 02:44:31 AM

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from the aviation hobby shop, in a very rainy west drayton this morning.....

hasegawa 1/72 F-16D
astrokit   1/72 agusta bell AB412 italian army with various resin bits and all the bits for the naval 212 as well
hasegawa 1/72 JASDF weapons set
PM 1/48 SIAT223 flamingo

and several MA/AW decal sets including the dayglo stripes for canberras, early PR spitfires, RTAF F-16 specials
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for X-mas:
revell 1/32 F-4F 'wildhorse'
         1/48 FGR.2
          1/48 A-1h SKYRAIDER
Trumpeter- 1/32 F-7EB

model alliance 1/48 'jaguar retirement schemes'

and from modelzone today: 1/32 revell F-4F '50th anniversary'- just can't say NO for £14.99
                                      1/72 revell victor- '' '' '' '' '' £7.99
                                       1/72 revell frogfoot
                                        1/72 revell MIrage F-1c
and ALL that for less than the RRP of the PHantom"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Quote from: Mossie on December 28, 2009, 10:08:05 AM
No Tonka, but I came out with Revell Hunter FGA.9 for a fiver & a Revell Victor for eight quid!

Eight quid for a Victor? :blink: Damn, anyone willing to pick one up for me? There's no Modelzone anywhere near me, and it's not listed on the website...

they aren't in the sale sectionn but take a look through modelzones list of non-reduced 1/72 and you should find it, thats where i did!
KEEP THE VULCAN FLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Modelzone raid:

1 x Victor (couldn't carry two, so I'll go back for another one if Pyro wants this one)
1 x Hunter FGA.9
1 x Hunter F.6 (thinking about those Silver Cloud conversions.....)
1 x Frogfoot
1 x 1/76th Wespe SPG (possible WWII APC?)
1 x 1/72nd M60 A1 w/ERA

Called in Hobbycraft on the way home: not very impressive to be honest, and they're trying to sell that same 1/32nd Phanton for full RRP: that'll go well..........
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Just received a package of kits I ordered from another modeler on ARC.

Italeri RF-84F
Airfix  FW.189
Airfix Fairey Battle
Supermodel Aermacchi MB-326K (single seat attacker)
Primere EMB.312 Tucano
Lo Models AT-3 Tsu-Chang

I haven't decided which will be RW and which will get WHIFFED.

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Went to the Modelzone sale yesterday got a Hasegawa B-26 F/G Marauder with some vouchers I got for Xmas.

To be honest most of the sale stuff is either kits of wrong period, ones I have loads of (Hunters) or wrong scale !

Still after deliberating I may go back and get the Revell 1/32 Me 109K and Ju 87, at the price on offer it would be rude not to  :thumbsup:
Decals my @r$e!


Today via Pat Postino, from the bay of evil, an Airfix 1/72nd scale Mig-23, minus its instructions, but I should still have some from the last one I built.
3 quid plus £1.41 postage. The box is near immaculate, and the kit is also in spot on nick. Not the best of kits I know but at that kind of money it will do.
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From the LMS, the 1/35 AFV Club Night Fight Group 3 in 1 set which includes a 7.5cm Pak40, a 251/22 Ausf.D Pakwagen and a 251/1Ausf. D falke plus a shed load of IR night sights and IR lamps. The night sights and lamps will get used on a E10, E25 and a E100 while the 251/1ausf will be built captured by the Russians, the gun and the other half-track will go on two diorama's made to look burnt out and all for £35.  ;D :thumbsup:

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went into modelzone today, well i would wouldn't I  ;D and got

4 x Victors
4 x Hunter F6
4 x Hunter F9
2 x SU25
2 x Mirage F1

That was the last Victors but still got the others left
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Wohoo!!!! Got two SU25's 1/72 revell for under £10 n a 1/48 GR 7/9 also revell n also under £10 it should have been £23! Got a revell F4U 1/72 with the 20mm wing guns but that was full price at £7.....not a bad haul