A Brace of British Vigilantes

Started by MartG, June 11, 2006, 09:20:35 AM

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Nigel Bunker

Excellent. marvellous models. And just think of the work that went into building that base.
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Its all been said above - stupendous  :wub:  :wub:  
Decals my @r$e!


QuoteAnd just think of the work that went into building that base.
Errr, you mean my patio ? :lol:  
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As a long-time Vigilante fan, your work is fantastic.  The stories provided are so logical that it reads like real history.  Too bad our world did not take advantage of the Vigi's capabilities, as your world did.

Wes W.


The F.3 is easily one of the most badass models i've ever seen :wub:  
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All I can say is W O W !!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

Great stuff dude, and I like the TSR wing idea (I'm gonna do that when I bash my 2 TSR2s with 2 Vigis)

Shas B)
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Sentinel Chicken

Considering that the Vigilante has always been one of my favorite airplanes, you've done a fabulous job recreating not just a what if, but an entire what if service history with these models. Following a progression of technical advancement through an aircraft's service history is something you don't see often in speculative modelling and you've succeeded admirably!

A tip of the hat and a cold brew raised in your honor!


That does inspire me on a few points.  I've definitely got to acquire some more RA-5C kits, though if someone sees the old Monogram A3J-1/A-5A (not the 1/100 or whatever Revell kit, but the rather basic 1/75 Monogram one that in its first incarnation actually shot a bomb out the back) at a reasonably affordable price, please let me know - or acquire same for me and I'll pay you for it and shipping.  I'm thinking of something one of the members here, who shall remain nameless, suggested in regard to the Vigi and bits from another aircraft.  *Wicked chuckle* Might be even more interesting to blend with a NAR-349 than a standard Vigi.
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Gary F

Wonderful project ... great ideas!  Love this one ...

ps ... had to go back and check, but your the guy that did the early RAF nightfighters ... liked that group also.   I pick up an idea from that project for my RAF Starfighter in work now .... a multiple AIM 4 launcher ... thanks!