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Started by SinUnNombre, May 25, 2006, 04:52:05 PM

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Hey y'all. I was just about to buy a 1/72 Wyvern on eBay to use its props and spinner for an unlimited-class air racer. But before I spent my money and bought the kit, I just wanted to know if it would fit. So, can anyone with a 1/72 Wyvern laying around give me some dimensions on the spinner, plese? I need to know the diameter and length of the spinner. I plan on putting this on a slicked up FW-190D. Also, while I'm at it, does anyone have some suggestions of what sponsor I should put on it? Thanks.



Don't have the kit, but for sponsors...


John Deere


Jamba Juice :lol:

...basically any company whos product involves really sharp blades spinning really fast :P  
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The back section of the spinner on the Frog Wyvern is almost the same diameter as the Hasegawa FW-190's cowl.  The back end of the spinner does not fit into the radiator opening.  If you went that route, you'd need to find another way of getting cooling and combustion air into the engine.

If the Wyvern is really cheap you might still consider it, but Aeroclub has the Seafire 47 and the Shackleton contraprops in their product line, I think.  That'd save you from getting a whole kit just for the prop, and they'd probably be a better match for the size of the 190.

Unless, of course, you have other whif designs for rest of the Wyvern...

I wonder how a 4-row turbo-compound radial would look on the Wyvern.


Hi guys,

I bought the Trumpeter 48th scale Wyvern last night. As you know its a great kit.  :wub: Anyway, I have a dilemma and need you assistance. I simply MUST do it in a "What if" scheme, but, don't know what? :wacko:

Now, I WILL be modelling it with the wings folded, however I'm undecided on the weapons fit. Whatever scheme is decided upon it WILL be heavily weathered (faded paint, chipping and exhaust staining). :P

So, with that in mind, all that is left to decide upon is what nationality to do it in and what colour scheme will it have?

That's where you guys come in. Throw some ideas into the mix and lets see if we can come up with something unusual! :P

I was initially thinking of a Pakistani Navy machine with a wavy upper DSG pattern on the fuselage over the usual Sky, with the wings in the traditional paint scheme. It would have had a blood stained scimitar squadron marking on the fin (fictional) with a couple of Indian Navy kill markings. Or, I could do the reverse and do an Indian Navy machine?

Another was a RAN machine, but in modern low visibility markings?

As I have the first two sets of Zots 'Roundels of the world' I'm also keen to do an African bird, preferably one of the coastal countries?

Bloody hell I might have to buy a second kit :dum:  :dum:  :dum:

Anyway let me know what you think. I may well do some profiles based on your suggestions and then we can vote for the scheme to do based on them? B)




QuoteI bought the Trumpeter 48th scale Wyvern last night. As you know its a great kit.  :wub: Anyway, I have a dilemma and need you assistance. I simply MUST do it in a "What if" scheme, but, don't know what? :wacko:
Pre-WW II US Navy?


I've been facing the same dilemma with my 1/72 Wyvern.  Here are a few of the thoughts I've had, in no particular order:

RN EGSG & white.  Longer serving alt history which sees the Wyvern flying up to the late 60s-early 70s.

USN-I'm very partial to the Vietnam era USN scheme, but havent built anything in those colors in over a decade.  A Wyvern in a Skyraider role might be a good chance to rectify that, and it opens the door for lots of cool ordnance.

USAF-Same alt-Skyraider theme in Vietnam Sandy colors.  

Air racer-lots of bright colors, probably not a good plan for your build since you want heavy weathering and folded wings.

USMC-CAS birds flown off USMC assault carriers.  Could be anything from dark blue 1950s to Desert Storm schemes.

French Navy-flown from Clemenceu & Foch-lots of possibilites here for totally whiffed schemes.

RAN or RCN in a completely whiffed scheme or blues & grays.

Personally I'm leaning towards USN with a load of WP rockets and napalm.

So I got that going for me...which is nice....

Bryan H.

QuoteAs I have the first two sets of Zots 'Roundels of the world' I'm also keen to do an African bird, preferably one of the coastal countries?

Madagascar?  B)

:cheers: Bryan  

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Daryl J.

Oh that's easy!  :lol:

The Wyvern used in Operation Grundy Salvage:  British Sand w/ the light blue/pink roundels and put out to pasture in the Czech Republic----or wherever those Rooskie planes in Central Europe were that were weathered to pieces.

Personally my vote is for the USAF Green/Green/Tan/Black scheme of Vietnam.  To me, it would maximise the ''jock factor'' that the airframe inherently possesses.

Thas' my two cents.
Daryl J.

PS: Coming from you, Richard, it'll be great!

Son of Damian

Personally I like the idea of a COIN version being used in Africa by some Colonial Power (Except Britain) against some insurection/insurgency whether it be anti-colonial (Mau Mau) or intercenine warfare shortly before it leaves its soon to be former colony; or an aircraft that was past on by a former colonial master to a COIN orientated Air Force of some new African nation.

Chandelle had a really good article on this very subject July of last year, COIN: East of Suez - Airpower and British Neocolonialism after 1960, but since he hasn't kept up with archiving you can't exactly read it; though I have a copy because I printed it off, if you would like I could copy it and send it to you. And all my enquirres into possibly getting all the back issues on CD have not been returned.  

Anyways go with some African COIN bird from the immediate post-colonial years in some camo scheme (look to your own African Me 262s and Ta 183s for inpiration!) that is soo weathered that the markings from its old colonial user are showing through. To make things interesting the old markings that are now showing through could be squadron markings from the old colonial AF squadron that operated the aircraft, some bombs dropped markings (you know the little bomb silhouettes applied below the cockpit - like on a B-17/24 or a Lancaster), maybe a name for the aircraft like Bangalore Whore - but something African, and possible a pin-up. And as a point of interest the things that I just mentioned above should also be rather weathered that way they don't jump out at you and are only notice able if your are looking for them.

I know most of what I said above is very specific but, as you said Gekko you are leaning this way anyways and I thought I could give some interesting ideas.

Anyways here are some other suggestions  

Argentina - lets say instead of Corsairs

Cuba - Used by Anti-Castro forces following a successful landing at the Bay of Pigs

Honduras or El Salvador - As seen during the Soccer War, both sides used the Corsair so you could do either one.

I also like the Pakistani Navy idea

Quote11. Kriegsmarine. As scheme 1

Cool!!!  B) Maybe in the same scheme as the Kriegsmarine's Sea Hawks

:cheers:  :cheers:  :cheers:  
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Daryl J.

Agree:  Kriegsmarine, all gloss.

Daryl J., two thumbs up.



I think that your Wyvern would look great in Israeli Air Force colours and markings, say during the 1956 Suez Crisis or thereabouts.

This other idea may entail some further modifications, but make it into a two-seat version, and equip it as a flak supression (Wild Weasel) aircraft (during the Vietnam War), properly camouflaged and in either USAF or RAAF colours and markings.



painted up like a banana, Trinidad Air force .

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Leigh's Models


Go wild.....

Multi-pink splinter as a USMC variation on "Coral Pink" for a Pacific Island Hopping campaign.
US WW2 insignia with the red outline, faded, and with lots of underwing stores.

White or pale blue undersurfaces.

All thoroughly chipped, weathered and generally disgusting. :wub:  
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Well one of my 1/72 scale ones is going to get done as Aeronvale - just love those roundels with anchors
Decals my @r$e!


RAF in Malaya - NMF with nice shiny squadron markings like on 45's Hornets

Guatamala or Honduras for the 69 Football War