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Aircraft / Re: A Tiger Force Hornet
Last post by Wardukw-NZ - Today at 10:45:39 AM
The hornet had a range of 1500 miles or so if longer range is needed then drop tanks would be fine ..a couple of 200 lmp gallon ( 240 US gallons ) tanks is what it used or if ground attack is used ..bombs baby bombs  :thumbsup:
Or for something completely different..rocket pods ..nope don't use those..I want to put those on mine ..when I get it.that is  :unsure:
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Quote from: Weaver on Yesterday at 05:59:52 AMPity it's not based on a Tiger II with a rounded turret: then you could put a roof on the deck and call it a Porch Tiger... :wacko:

Coat? Hat?  ;D  ;D

The Book  ;D

How many volumes does "The Book"  run to now?    And are you planning to publish anytime soon?
The stereotypical legal bookshelves seen in most movies/tv shows involving the legal profession?
Quote from: AeroplaneDriver on December 03, 2022, 01:22:11 PMFrom the eBay Fairy:

2A/F.6 Quite a good deal for under $30.  No box, but new bagged condition and arrived in a nice sturdy box it can live in until it gets built. 

Heck! I could have let you have the one I got Nick!!!!!
Aircraft / Re: A Tiger Force Hornet
Last post by Rick Lowe - Today at 10:27:40 AM
Jetisonable tanks would make more sense for a fighter, I would think.  :thumbsup:
Aircraft / Re: WIP Super Tomcat 21
Last post by Wardukw-NZ - Today at 10:18:08 AM
This I am thinking is going to be pretty good as it's well on its way to looking great ..we had a saying in my unit...some is good..more is better ..mostly meaning ammo but smokes and whiskey was also included and I can see that saying with the weapons.
A F14 loaded with a couple of missiles is like a double decker bus with one passenger..rather empty.
Sci-fi / Re: Imperial Speeder Bike
Last post by su27rules - Today at 10:17:51 AM
 :thumbsup: Nice!!
Modeling Blogs / Re: Gondor's Grumblings
Last post by Gondor - Today at 10:13:03 AM
Quote from: NARSES2 on Today at 05:28:33 AMTheir 109's do have a fair bit of cockpit detail, but with the 109's small and heavily framed canopy you can't see much of it when it's fitted anyway. Even with the Erla "hood". Guess how I know ?  :rolleyes:

I think I can guess, however I have had my eyes done so I can see things. So I will see how the alternative detail method turns out, only thing is which Bf 109 to use it with as I have several of the AZ machines in the stash, a G-14/AS, K-4 and two K-6's one of which is to become a K-14, or I could use the spare fuselage sides that came with the S-199.

General Modeling topics / Re: Other modeller's attitudes...
Last post by Rheged - Today at 10:04:12 AM
Quote from: zenrat on Today at 03:03:25 AMIn fact, I have some Matchbox Heyfords which could be rearranged into something close to my vision.  This bears thinking about.

OOOH yes please!!

Oddly the XC-99 has the same wing span as the B-36. I wonder why, it ought to be a bit wider I'd have thought.