Some friendly advice about trades here

Started by Supertom, July 04, 2009, 08:14:24 AM

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Just a friendly reminder, when selling or trading your items please make sure that everything is as advertised (when you say you have, say, an Airfix Spitfire make sure it's a Airfix Spitfire and not a Starfix Spitfire).  Also please make sure all bits and pieces are present, and make sure that everything is packed properly to prevent damage.  We're a small community here and like to think we're trading between friends.  <_<
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As overseas shipping can get expensive, it's also a good idea when posting items for sale or trade to note what country you're in, preferably on the subject line. this will help both you and others save time and headaches.

Brian da Basher

Jeffry Fontaine

I would also like to add that selling or offering to sell copyright material on this forum is not advised.  This type illegal activity can create problems for the forum owner if it is allowed to happen in addition to litigation against the buyer and the seller of such items. 

We recently had to permanently ban a member for this activity and I would not want this to happen again. 
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