Bioshock 2 Big Sister Query

Started by Cobra, December 03, 2016, 03:41:24 AM

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Hey Guys, if Anyone Remembers the Game Bioshock 2, there is a Character called the "Big Sister", I'm Kinda Curious to Know if Anyone Offers a Model of Her, Thinking about Some Ideas would Like some input if Possible. PS:I'm Unsure what Scale to Look for. Thanks for Looking. Dan

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As Bioshock is Sci Fi, I'd visit & have a look or ask there (you may have to register but they're good people & a great source of SciFi info).
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I remember seeing a rather large (maybe 1:6 scale? Probably resin/garage kit, but could also have been a PVD action figure) figure/model somewhere, but cannot remember the manufacturer.