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Can you help me to identify these figures?

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Digging in my "strategic material" boxes I found these figures. I only have the bodies, no weaps, no helmet or any other complement.

I think they are Dragon kit. Vietnam era or posterior.

I will appreciate any help. Thank you.

Rick Lowe:
The plastic colour certainly looks like early DML.
Aside from the strap across the chest, the torsos look a lot like WW2 Germans - the diagonal strap is very reminiscent of that for the gas mask case on old Tamiya figures.
But the (lace up?) boots aren't. Unless it's an Afrika Korps set, and I think they only came out late enough to have used grey styrene.

So probably not a lot of help, but it's an interesting conundrum anyway.

Old Wombat:
buzzbomb identified them as Shanghai Dragon's 1/35 World Elite Forces Series: Soviet Spetznaz.

I would add that they're pretty obviously 1980's Afghanistan era.

Rick Lowe:
D'oh! And I have some of them myself...

I have heard that apparently some of the early Dragon (these included) are closer to 1/32. Just FYI.

I had this set donkeys yrs ago but i remember them being in gray and ive still got the weapons in my weapons box.
Even tho their extremely old the PKM..SVD and AK74s in the kit were pretty good.


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