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Red Baron diorama project

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Ever since I saw a water color of the Red Baron with his dog jumping on him after he came back from a flight, I've been wondering how to go about this. There is a red triplane in the background, von Richtofen with his dog, and another pilot. What breed was the dog, and is a figure of that breed, or physically similar available? I've always felt that a diorama like this would be a very attractive one. Small, but attractive.

Here's various links that show what his dog looked like, and there's also an associated figure set in 1:16 available:

A (rather pricey) Fokker Dr.I model kit is available in this scale as well.

I'm sure there are some resin 1/32 scale figure sets of WWI pilots with various dogs available which would suit your idea.

Some may even be of Richthoven, but because of various copywrite issues don't actually say it. I'm not absolutely sure what breed Moritz was, the problem is that there has been quite a change in the way a lot of breeds look over the last 100 years or so because of the way they have been bred.

Well, 1/16 is a tad larger than I prefer, not only because the DR1 is so pricey, but also I'm not of the "The bigger the better" school of thought, but also because I space considerations, so 1/32 is better than 1/16.

Old Wombat:
Some of what I've found on a quick search indicates that Moritz (the dog) may be a Plott hound - a breed of which I'd never previously heard.


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