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Messerschultz Me 109-Q7 Libelle: Finished pics Pg 5.

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No real plan here other than to throw parts at each other and see what sticks, splash some paint on, slap on decals and then make up some Sciffy lies to fit the result.
I am starting with this...
Sci Fi Bf 109 G Start 7-9-17 by Fred Maillardet, on Flickr
...which consists of an Airfix BF 109-G, a bag of Academy A-37 parts (left over from the Soviet GB Myasishchev M-7) and a resin C130-J prop.
With 4 weeks to do it in I am trying tho channel Dizz.  I feel I am behind already...

Odd thing about the '109 kit.  It smells very strongly of tobacco.  Not the stale cancerous ashtray smell you get from kits that have been in a smokers house but the sweet smell a freshly opened punch of rolling or pipe tobacco has.  It's almost pleasant.
Its odd because my father gave me the kit and he has never smoked.

More done today.
Wings have been modified and large pieces removed from the fuselage to enable them to fit.
Last thing I did was glues some styrene sheet back on to fill some of the larger gaps which will otherwise be visible through the intakes.

Libelle WIP 9-9-17 by Fred Maillardet, on Flickr

This is Starting to Look Awesome :thumbsup: has a Bit of a Star Wars meets Terran Trade Authority Feel to it! Keep up the Superb Work :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: Dan

Old Wombat:
Interesting! I couldn't visualise where this was going but, seeing it, it's certainly going somewhere good! :thumbsup:


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