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Alright, I made some progress on the painting of my Yak-38 and my F4F-4 Wildcat projects, so I decided I could start on the first of my GB entries.  Instead of just telling you all what I'm up to, I thought it might be fun to leave you guessing and see how long it takes a bright spark to figure out what the project is.  It probably be quickly revealed, but I'll have fun while it lasts.

As always... we start with a box...

Of course the donor kits aren't actually IN the box.  Instead, these two failed attempts at a Spad XIII crawled back out of the spares box.  They might be no good for a Spad XIII, but should be perfect for what I have in mind.

First up, more cutting!

Now then, what can I... ah-ha! A couple of leftover pods from an Airfix Gnat project will do nicely...

Cut to size and glued together. Looks like that's one problem solved.

Opened up the engine cowling and filed down most of the details. Also glued some extra styrene strips to the backing to create the grill that's going behind that newly opened cowling,

Ok. Not a bad start... starting to take shape.  Lots more filing and sanding to come... stay tuned.

Jet biplane?


--- Quote from: zenrat on July 09, 2017, 04:30:55 am ---Jet biplane?

--- End quote ---

With bi-fubricated pipes ?  :angel:

This has me totally intrigued

Ok, so after a bit of sanding, I have to confess the second Spad XIII fuselage was a bit of a false trail. I'm only using one. I glued the modified engine cowling back on, cut up a bit of wing for the cockpit floor, and test fit the pods.

Next up was scratching up the cockpit control panels... lots of tiny adjustments while filing/sanding to get them to fit snugly in there.

Ok, looks good, let's glue the pods on the front now.

Oh my... that's a lot of putty for such a small little machine...

Ok.. so time to get started on the bottom... but where to begin? After scrounging around through the spares box, looking at bits and pieces, I remembered I still had half a kit left over from my Tintin shark project.  Low and behold, the 1/100 Me163B in there was just about perfect.

It's almost exactly the right size!

Of course it requires some surgery. I only need the bottom half.

Ok... that looks like it fits.

Well, almost... I needed to chop the nose off, and take out a chunk near the tail.

Still, all in all, it fits almost perfectly.

Hmmm... I may have spoke too soon.  The front's a bit off. Hard to complain though... what did I expect!? I didn't even have a plan to accomplish this part when I started.

Looks a bit better covered with some styrene.

Yeah, I can live with that.

From the side it looks much better,

Actually, the cockpit looks like the best part so far.

After a bit of filing, to even out the shape I think it's good enough for what I have in mind.  If I was goin to be that picky, I'd just go and but the real 1/20 kit.

Time for lots more putty... which of course means lots more sanding to come!


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