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Here's the place for your general chat

Well, this GB will be a good motivator for an ancient Star Wars project that has been lurking in pieces and with one or two resurrection attempts through the years. It's actually the use of leftover parts, combined with a NIB kit. Needs some donor parts, though, but this the THE occasion to finally get rid of the kit(s)!

I'm leaning towards doing my 'realistic' Angel Interceptor model, but I have kits for LOADS of sci-fi projects.

The realistic Angel Interceptor addresses the problem that the original is just too damn small for it's claimed capability, by being based on an RF-101C Voodoo airframe, fitted with English Electric P-10-style ramjet wings.

It's a subject that's completely out of my comfort zone but I may look to do something in a "classic" 30's Sci Fi style ?

Be a good excuse to dig my Lensman and Skylark books out for another read anyway  ;D

I've also found a Macross VF-25 in 1:100 in the stash, once bought because it was cheap but without a real plan. Good basis for a quick OOB build with an individual scheme. The thing cries Su-27 all the time...


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