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Right you have a month to go before it all kicks off, but here are the suggested rules for your perusal, discussion and any necessary amendment.

Many thanks to Brian and Mark for Moderating.

1.  Group Build runs from 00.01 Saturday 1st July 2017 to 24:00 Sunday 1st October 2017.

2.  You can enter any kit/figure/story in this GB which relates to the subject of Science Fiction which, for the purpose of this G.B. is considered to be - Fiction based on imagined future scientific or technological advances and major social or environmental changes, or anything involving the use of the word extraterrestrial,  occurring either in the past or the future.
If you're not sure whether your build is eligible or not, please ask the moderators before starting work.

3.  You may build as many entries as you like (good luck!).  The posting of in-progress pictures is encouraged as always.  Back stories - however long or short - win extra points.  Well OK they don't but they're always nice to see.

4.  "Preparation" work is allowed prior to the start of the GB - this includes the cutting out and cleaning up of parts, even printing your own decals (!), but anything involving paint or glue is not allowed.

5.  Part-started models will be considered by the moderators. You should explain what you have done or post pics (even better) and they will convene and pass judgment, their decision being final - we are relying on the honour of our membership to uphold this rule.

6. No rule 6 - is there ever a rule 6 ?
7. Moderators CrudeButEffective and Rickshaw.

8. An object, even if anachronistic, can be deemed to be science fiction if it is utilised in a science fiction purposes/manner/role.  An example is that of Thunderbird 6, a Tiger Moth biplane used by International Rescue to save people in the 21st century, according to the Thunderbirds' storyline.

[Red sections added 29 May'17 by Rickshaw]

I imagine there will be an interesting debate about rules for this one, since sci-fi is already a WHIF.  Does it need to be a WHIF?  My enthusiasm for this GB has not hit me yet, but in keeping with the format of this site, I do hope we keep it WHIF.   

 So I guess:

- A starship Enterprise out of the box would NOT be a WHIF
- A starship Enterprise in Romulan service/markings would be a WHIF
- A starship Enterprise with different engines would be a WHIF....

And yes I realize space is not the only genre.  I also propose that the word "future" be deleted from rule 2.  A steampunk, a 1950's "Voyage to the bottom of the Sea" submarine, A Frankenstein monster, etc. were all "past" sci-fi, but I think they should be eligible. 

i have a pair of Angel Interceptors that would fit this GB perfectly  :mellow:

however, i have a question.
Thunderbird 6 is a Tiger Moth, does that count as SciFi?

Sandie and Nils, you both make good points, I will check with my co-moderators and get back to you with our decision on the issues you have raised.


--- Quote from: sandiego89 on May 26, 2017, 05:42:29 pm ---I imagine there will be an interesting debate about rules for this one, since sci-fi is already a WHIF.

--- End quote ---

Very much so Sandie. In all honesty I struggle with a definition for Sci Fi ?  :o Which is not great as I'm a Moderator  ;) ;D

I wonder if our own definition is slanted some what by what what was on radio/tv/cinema when we were younger ? I know mine is to some extent. One of the reasons I got these rules up a month early so we could thrash them out and get comfortable with them before we start.


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