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snow mobiles and winter figures in 1/72

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hiyas you know if anyone makes modern snow mobiles or winter/parka garbed figures in 1/72 (or even 35th) scale for a 'cold war' diorama project? (hmm thoughts of those old Aurora box arts for the C.119 Boxcar and XB.70 Valkyrie!!  :wacko:)

many thanks, cheers, Joe

Theres this on EB
And what about the Airfix Ford Trimotor, think that has some snow figures and a dog team.
All the best

just found this too  ;D

Jeffry Fontaine:

I remember seeing a 1/32 scale snowmobile a long time ago.  It was one of those diecast metal things but it had some really good details.  It may have been one of the Ertl product line. 

As far as figures go in 1/35th scale there is the usual German winter warfare figures such as the FlaK crew from Tamiya and the DML/Dragon StuG and FlaK crew figures with winter garb.  These can be worked into something other than a WWII German soldier with a bit of imagination.


There are a few Wargames figure ranges that have US Korean War figures in winter gear. Normally 28mm size

Jeffry Fontaine:
If Jon Farrelly sees this and hopefully remembers the small diorama/vignette depicting a pair of soldiers and a snowmobile in a deep snow setting with a couple of trees.  It was displayed at the IPMS Seattle show two years ago.  Perhaps he remembers diorama or knows the person that built it.  It had a pair of winter/arctic clad soldier figures hiding behind a snow bank with a snowmobile parked next to them.  If I had been able to find the person that built that I would certainly have asked about the source of the snowmobile as that was the first thing that caught my eye in the scene. 


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