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Obviously I haven't been here very long and feel kind of silly having to ask this question but how do the group builds work? OK obviously I figured out that the group builds something along the perameters set for the build but how do you know when it's just a suggestion or if it's an official build? Is there a difference?

Some of the group builds sound fun/interesting but I wouldn't want to build something and post pics only to find out I had broken some unwritten rule.

Also how do you know what group builds have expired...the racing tank build sounded fun but looks like it didn't go it still active or did it silently pass into the night?

What are the current official group builds if any? can anyone join or do you need to give advance notice at the time of the build?

Am I making this more complicated than it needs to be? Hey I'm getting old and easily confused  :dum:

Hope all this made sense!

Jeff G.

Jeff there isnt much official that goes on around here, hell I don't even know if anyone's supposed to be "in charge" I think it's Supertom.
For the two years I've been here all the group builds that have started have been competitions put together by one member.
Idea is germinated in a thread, someone volunteers to sponsor/be in charge whatever you want to call it and offer a modest prize. They then see how much interest there is and what would be a good time frame. The sponsor makes the rules. We build, enter, then a winner is usually picked by popular vote.
Pretty unnofficial
Gary was responsible for the F-Teenybopper because we were all pissing and moaning about grey F-18's
Mike came up with Latin-o-rama 'cos of a thread on how few latin subjects we see.
I came up with a one week build 'cos I was so proud of building a whole model in one weekend.
Gary came up with the twin booms as a tribute to Tophes' constant source of ideas on that subject.
Nev came up with Secret Santa to torture us during the busy holidays.
TSR.2 is obvious to tie in with the Airfix release.
Dunno what's next, in the realm of unnofficialdom they just happen.

As to who can enter the only one we've required advance notice of participation was the Secret Santa because of the obvious logistics that you had to send a kit to someone and they to you. All the others have been build and enter before the due date, tell us about it or suprise us at the end it's up to you.
If you wanna try putting one together, go for it the hardeat part is sorting out a time frame and garnering interest but as I've said before it only take two to make it a group build.

Thanks Leigh, that's kinda what I thought but I wasn't 100% sure so I figured asking couldn't hurt ;)

Jeff G.

Captain Canada:

--- Quote --- I don't even know if anyone's supposed to be "in charge" I think it's Supertom.
--- End quote ---
Troublemaker for president !

The Rat:
RULES?! We don't need no steeenkin' RULES!  :ar:  


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