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The copycat group build!!!

Started by Supertom, September 03, 2005, 04:31:53 AM

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With all that talk about how the Soviets "copied everything," how about a Soviet Copycat group build?  Get any western aircraft and do it up in Soviet markings.  Make mods, do it in a different paint scheme, whatever.  The only rule is that the model must have a resemblance to the "base" kit when it's done.  Actually come to think of it, another rule is that you have to talk like a communist, and insist that it is the West that copied the design (because that was oh so fun).  
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Comrade Tomski, I care not for the theme of the build, but I enjoy talking like a true servant of the Motherland!
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Is GLORIOUS day for suggesting such an intriguing build.  But you have it backwards, tovarish.  It is THEY, the decadent West, that have stolen our plans and built the planes in their markings!  Having seen their lazy attempts at copying our original plans, we did away with them and created new planes, leaving the West to their own destructive lack of vision.  Having said that, it should be noted that most of the plans were pulled from our designers heads using CIA psychics.  The KGB and GRU will investigate on how to prevent this in the future.

But it is interesting that you suggest this, comrade Supertomevish.  My OKB has such a plane as you suggested in the final stages of completion (with appropriate modifications to compensate for Western "Engineering").  When it is completed, it will strike fear into the cowardly Western pilots of similar, yet inferior aircraft.

Comrade Captain Anatoly Josef Pakizorich, Naval Aviation Bureau
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"Could it be expanded to include Soviet aggressors ie Russian jobbies dressed up like NATO planes?"

The above was actually said in a Russian accent and stuff but it's too early on my first day off in forever to actually figure out how to type that way .
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I applaud your cunning ideas.

I shall see what can be done in my plant.



Comrads! I would dearly to take part in this, the Motherlands most glorious venture yet, but due to upcoming reassignment, I'm afraid I will have to let some of the other up-and-comming OKBs have their chance before the Premeir.

Za Rodinia!

Gen Vespernoliavich  B)  
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They in the West have the misguided idea that their copies of the Glorious Motherland's aircrafts and armour designs are superior! Nothing could be further from the truth, tovarischii! Was it not exalted comrade Stalin who said:"Quantity has a quality all it's own"? Arise, workers and peasants of the Great Rodina! Show the Capitalist Imperialist running dogs of the West the true power of the Dialectic and the might of the Soviet!

Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part...

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Consider the GRU well and trely behind this latest effort of our glorious Socialist workers fraternal brotherhood.

Long Live the Rodina

Colonel GRU Special projects directorate
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