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what acrylic paint should I use for...


What colour acrylic paint should I use for RAAF Foliage Green?  I have a couple of WWII models planned and I need the paint to use... :thumbsup:

The Wooksta!:
There's a US Medium green in the Xtracrylix range that I've used, but can't remember the FS number.  I was advised to use it by an RAAF nut a good ten years back.

XA1114 is it.

Vallejo 71014 Gunship Green.

It's what I will be using for all my planned White-tail RAAF whiffs when I get to them.  Not sure how accurate it is (and not to worried either) but I like the name.

Lifecolor did a WWII RAAF camouflage set a few years ago and their Foliage Green was UA 514 FS 24092.


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