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If the UK had got involved officially in Vietnam would our planes have SEAC roundels or just the toned down tactical dull blue and red?

Just a guess, but I think that they might have used high-viz Type "D" roundels for better distinction, at least during the pre 1970 phase, and maybe some high-viz ID markings (like D-Day or Suez stripes) might have been introduced, too, just to be safe? Things were very bright over Vietnam, and even the USAF SEA scheme with smaller/subdued markings was only gradually introduced in the later phases of the conflict.

Yeah, Iíd go with Dizzyís assumption.  Change to red/blue roundels only if the war had still been going on when these were actually adopted.

The UK didnít change itís national markings to suit post-WW2 conflicts - Korea, Malaya, Oman, etc, so very much doubt itíd happen over Vietnam had the UK been involved.

Hmmm yes I had not considered that - so maybe a SEAC type wing fin and tail stripe? Thanks

D-day stripes and high visibility until the Americans were used to what the British were flying.


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