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Elstree 2022


Elstree have confirmed their show to be on Sunday 12th June 2022

Allum Manor House Hall, Elstree, WD6 3PJ

Bit early for me to say for sure but I do hope to be there.

Yup and the Southern Section of the What If SIG are booked in for one table.  :thumbsup:

I'm also staying locally overnight in order to get there in time for set up.

After some discussion between myself, Chris and Dave, we have decided that we will not have a table this year. It needs 3 people to work properly and it's not fair to make Chris do all the work.
It now turns out that I will be working this weekend - two of my work colleagues have left and my holiday request was refused.

Next year chaps!

Cheers Nick, beat me to it

Myself and Dave Kitbasher paid a visit yesterday morning, don't ask it all got messy, and it was a very nice show. I did go and apologise to the organisers face to face and they were fine, so we should be ok for next year and I think we'd all like to try.

Rather oddly for a local show it wasn't organised by a specific local club but a couple of individuals, who I have now met. The one thing that was confirmed was my decision to stay local overnight. There was no way I could of made it by public transport by setting up time.

Interesting Saturday night/Sunday morning at the hotel as well. Lots of youngish families with the kid's all wearing Harry Potter costume. Now I knew that Elstree studios were round the corner, literally, but had clean forgotten about  Harry Potter World, or what ever they call it  ;D


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