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2022 Whiffie Awards Update

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2022 Whiffie Awards Update

A quick update on the Whiffies 2022 awards procedure. I will shortly start grouping the nominations in the various categories. This year there are 159 builds nominated, built by 54 different members.

I will change as little as possible in my first year as organizer. One change however is the addition of a special category for “Best Group Build entry”. Last year we decided to have a special category containing the top three of all the years group Builds. So this will be a new category this year.

I will put the polls up in the weekend of February 26th and they will run for two weeks. As is the tradition, the aim is to announce the winners roughly at the same time those “other” awards are announced, so that would be on the last weekend of March.  However, as this is the weekend the Euro Model Expo is being held (if it can take place, that is), the awards ceremony will be on Saturday the 19th of March 2022. The exact timing will follow.
Please be sure to attend the awards ceremony in a suitable attire. Those not properly dressed will be removed from the premises!

The Academy

Thank you for taking this on, TomZ. We are all very grateful.

For the benefit of the sartorially challenged, are the Academy able to make suggestions as to acceptable attire?


--- Quote from: Rheged on January 02, 2022, 11:06:09 am ---For the benefit of the sartorially challenged, are the Academy able to make suggestions as to acceptable attire?

--- End quote ---

Of course kind sir, the Academy is more than happy to oblige. The attire for the awards evening should be on par with the theme of this forum.
So some suggestions:

- What if the Scottish had gained world supremacy and everyone wore kilts?
- What if the world had never progressed beyond bear hides and fur?
- What if Star Trek was true and we all wore those tight uniforms?
- What if Tophe was a fashion designer?
- Etc, etc.

I am sure the esteemed members can come up with some suitable ensembles.

The Academy


--- Quote from: TomZ on January 02, 2022, 12:29:57 pm ---- What if Tophe was a fashion designer?

--- End quote ---

asymetry rules !

Given the timing of the awards this year I shall be wearing my best Modeling Waders and little else.  Perhaps a nice scarf if it’s breezy. 


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