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Gentlemen once the Moderators are happy with things I will open this up for discussion so here are the first draft for the rules for the Recce and Surveillance GB.



1.   The Recce and Surveillance GB runs from 00:01 Thursday 1 July 2021 to 23:59 Thursday 30 September 2021 (all times local).  An extension may or may not be considered/set up according to demand and or pecuniary overtures.

2.   Any subject - physical models of any scale, profiles and stories are eligible but they must be a whif devoted to reconnaissance: manned/unmanned (aircraft, vehicles, ships, submarines, robots.....even animals), land/sea/air/space.  Photo recce, fighter recce, maritime reconnaissance, ELINT, SIGINT, artillery spotters, drones....etc.  Basically, stuff to find out whatís going on somewhere.   Can be as simple (change of markings or camo scheme) or as complex (full on kit bashing) as you wish.  If in doubt as to what's in scope then check out (, if still in doubt contact the Mods.

3)  You may build, draw or write as many entries as you like (good luck!).  The posting of in-progress pictures is encouraged as always.  Back stories - however long or short - supporting physical models and profiles are always welcome.

4) ďPreparation" work is allowed prior to the start of the GB - this includes the cutting out and cleaning up of parts, even designing and printing your own decals, but anything involving paint or glue is not allowed.

5) Eligibility of part-started models will be considered by the moderators. You should pm to explain what you have done (pictures re a great help if you can include them) and they will decide, their decision being final.

6) No rule 6 - is there ever a rule 6 ? Itís one rule or another so from now on itís 6
7) Moderator is TomZ aided and abetted by Kitbasher. Thank you gents

8.   The completed builds thread will be locked at the end of the GB and shortly afterwards the poll will be set up.  Number of votes each depends on the number of entries.  Keep your eyes out for updates!

9) As decided earlier in the year by the Membership the first three placed entries in the Group Build will automatically be nominated for a Whiffy in a new, specific Group Build Class.

Topic unlocked in preparation of the start of the group build in one month time.


Can I propose Rule 2a:  Aircraft models must have longer wings.  If no longer wings are fitted then it is required that the fuselage be shortened.

Oooh I've been told that I will be discharged from hospital this week, so I can use this as part of my recovery plan.


--- Quote from: zenrat on June 01, 2021, 04:10:37 am ---Can I propose Rule 2a:  Aircraft models must have longer wings.  If no longer wings are fitted then it is required that the fuselage be shortened.

--- End quote ---

Should your forum name be changed to PR19Zen then?



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