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I might change the title a bit once this thing solidifies in backstory. That said, I might leave its role a bit open-ended and let the observer speculate and come up with their own ideas about what it could be. It could be a real-deal flying law enforcement thing of some type... could be some sort of patrol craft or highway monitoring thing.... prisoner transfer thing.... just a straight hunk of PR-stunt (think the "DARE" corvettes and stuff.... they didn't use those for real police work, just to drag around to public events as a neat thing to gander at) or... whatever. But the plan is this... to make an intentionally simple, somewhat generic, Cessna kitted out in police style! I want to put overhead flashing lights on it, too. Not plausible but perhaps if I shape them in an aerodynamic way I could achieve what I'm going for and have it still be halfway reasonable.

Kit and decals on hand. I'll probably make it LPD for Lawton Police Department.... my hometown. 

So far I've been clipping and cleaning up parts. Started on the nose weight. Glued the seats to the floor. Found some more supplemental transfers (stuff for N-Numbers, flags, and other random prospects). Should be a pretty easy going build.  :unsure:

Bubbles on the spats? Red on one, blue on the other, with a white strobe on the nose gear?

The current Washington State Patrol aircraft are pretty boringly marked with no obvious indicators
of police use - aside from things like the FLIR turret, which wasn't true in the past.



Old Wombat:
This one looks like it could be really something, Brad! :ph34r:

Hope it's an easy & fun build! :thumbsup:

I am curious about the kit's molding quality, esp. the clear parts...  ;)

Any example?

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thumbnail by ilmib, su Flickr

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