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Right gents here's the area for any general discussion and chat regarding the GB

Team, your timing is immaculate !
An extremely short run "kit" recently arrived that is firmly in this space. It has been on the procrastination cycle of "put it on the bench, look at it, take it off the bench" for about 2 months, so sits still unstarted. This is exactly what I need to get the thing underway
Now to NOT start it before the Oneth of March, should be a doddle.
 :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Leading Observer:
So, getting my head around this one, we are looking at stuff like, say,  the Mad Max Police interceptors type of vehicles or a bright red Yorkshire Fire Service Avro Vulcan Water Bomber?

So my idea of a rescue train could be the basis for this build? I'm going to have to sit this one out until my circumstances change.

I'm looking at getting a set of US-style blue/red lights for a 1/24 car I have in the stash. Fujimi do a set which could provide for 2 cars

Plenty of decal sets out there at prices so low it's a steal  :lol:

Also looking for some US Police helo markings to go on an AH-1G - Any good websites that show a wide range of schemes?

I just need to buy within the UK to avoid shipping issues.


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