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Re: McColm: 1/72 Westland Ravenclaw AEW.1
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Friday 25th September 2021

The Airfix Fairey Rotodyne has got a few lumps and bumps from the Italeri MH-47E SOA Chinook kit. I had to change the main rotors as I managed to snap off the rotor pivot, it now has a three bladed rotor from the Ka-58 stealth helicopter (top half non-contrarotating).
I started painting the rotor blades and tyres, then the chin mounted search/weather radar and the deflated AEW radome.
 I've also started the Hobbycraft 1/72 V-22 Osprey, the previous owner had painted some of the parts and the loading ramp in this kit doesn't open. There's hardly any details in the cockpit, not that you can see much through the canopy. The side door doesn't open either so it's a straight out of the box build for now until my sick pay arrives and then I can get some decals.