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List of online sources for out of production kits

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In repeatedly trawling the web for various older kits I’ve come across a number of sites, other than online auctions or modelling forums, that to varying degrees offer such vintage kits for sale. Some exclusively or almost completely concentrate on discontinued kits, while others only have a few or some of them some of the time. Some span pretty much the whole spectrum of subjects and companies, whereas others specialize in certain model types or manufacturers. Some offer pretty good bargains, while others have fairly high prices, so it pays to compare and virtually shop around. The majority is located in the US or the UK, but I’ve only done business with a small number of them, and I’m not affiliated with any and can't vouch for any of them. Thus, rather than try to rate or rank them in any way, I’ve simply sorted them in alphabetical order in the listing below:

I hope this list can serve as a useful resource for helping to track down elusive kits (or perhaps find some unexpected nice surprises ;D). Please feel free to respond with any comments or suggestions for additions to make this directory as comprehensive as possible.



Added some new-found entries to the listing.


I've pinned this as I for one find it a very usefull source


Thanks for the list. :bow:


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