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Started by Thorvic, April 25, 2011, 07:02:19 AM

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Please find listed below a complete list of rules for the running of each Group Build from now on. These are to ensure that the Group Builds are run fairly within the rules of the website :-

Group Build Moderators have the right to set rules on how polling/voting is conducted, but this must be announced in the Group Build rules and must be adhered too. These rules are to be locked in may not be changed once the GB starts.

Group Build Moderators have the right to set the boundaries and scope of the Group Build along with specific rules regarding the mediums allowed in the Group Build such as Models (including specifics such as out the box, kitbashes, scratchbuilds, specific model - aka using the same kit and seeing what members can come up with, Artwork & CGI or Alt History

Individual Group Build  rules need to be approved by the Mod/Admin team to ensure they fall within the guidelines of the forum (no politics, race, religion etc) prior to the Group Build being created and the rules published

Group Builds can only be extended by agreement of the Group Build  Moderators following a formal request by the participants

A Group Build  may only be extended by up to a maximum of  two weeks in one week increments, they will not be allowed to continuously rollover to accommodate stragglers. A Group Build may be extended longer than this if circumstances warrant it and is agreed by the Mod/Admin team (aka forum down for what ever reason, Group Build  Admin not able to administer during that the finale etc, the sort of issues that would effect everybody involved rather than an individual)

All Correspondence, concerns & complaints should be addressed initially to the Group Build Moderator first for them to deal with and should only be escalated to the Mod/Admin team if any issue cannot be resolved by the Group Build Moderator

The Mod/Admin team reserve the right to intervine in the running of any Group Build  should the need arise (Group Build Moderator goes AWOL, issues expanding beyond the remit of the Group Build  Moderator to effectively manage it, etc).

Images should up-linked to the Group Build posts via an off-site medium, uploading directly to the forum will no longer be viable.

Group Build  posts advertising or promoting the Group Build  should only appear in the Group Build  section with just the specific news of starting, completion and voting of the Group Build  to be allowed in the General Modelling or Everyday Chat section. Hijacking other peoples threads to promote your own Group Build will be deemed as trolling and will be treated accordingly (Not everybody is interested in the Group Build 's and don't appreciate it being promoted at every turn)

Current Group Build's underway should comply with the rules where possible although obviously some are only applicable to when a Group Build is started.

Many Thanks

The Mod/Admin Team.
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FYI these rules are mostly what's been going the last few years, and all that has been done was to just put them together in a more "formal" setting.  The VTOL build is being used as a testbed for this and while we expect some tweaks to the rules, said tweaks will probably not be too significant.

You'll notice some of the sentences are in italics.  These are newer additions meant to address several points of contention that concerned members had pointed out late last year.  These rules are the "new" bits that were written down to allow for flexibility for GB moderators.  For example, some liked the idea of an "all-inclusive" GB that included profiles, while others preferred the "old school" rules of old-fashioned PSR modeling.  A few people make noise, and all of a sudden everyone is unhappy.  This way parameters are set and everyone would know what to expect going in.  Is this a perfect system?  No, but it's definitely a step up from the last time.

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