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whacky Locomotives etc (real & steam-punk)

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Couldn't find a suitable topic already so posting here ...

Would love to see this 1863 Blackburn Agricultural engine in 1:1 scale -- minus the device on the back & with a side-platform stoker added it would make a neat steam-locomotive (the treads mesh with the sleepers for cog-traction)

1/16th scale steel model ...

Might be useful on mountain railways, up steep slopes which normal engines can't handle.  They often use a rack system anyway.

Now what you need on that is:

1. A lengthened front end with two tiny wheels,

2. A zig-zag funnel with a cone on top,

3. A driver with Mk.9 goggles on his top hat,

4. Two of them to have a drag race.... :wacko:

The Rat:
Oh dear, is it time for this disturbing video again?  :wacko: ;D

Cliffy B:

--- Quote from: The Rat on March 07, 2011, 12:01:36 pm ---Oh dear, is it time for this disturbing video again?  :wacko: ;D

--- End quote ---

Just wait until they try to go UP hill  ;D


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