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Brian da Basher:
With the New Year it's time to remind everyone about good posting manners on the board.

Don't post anything you wouldn't want instantly broadcast to the entire planet. In many ways, the forum is no different than a public town-square and is much more far reaching.

Think before posting replies. If you have strong feelings against the post, take some time and come back to it later. If in doubt, don't reply. Before replying, try to imagine yourself in the position of the one you're replying to and other members that will read your post. Keep in mind that constructive criticism is usually best communicated privately via Personal Message, unless the recipient has publicly indicated otherwise. This is not to stifle discussion or reasoned, informed argument as long as it is conducted in a polite, adult manner.

Be careful posting personal comments about another member. Behave as you would in public in real life. You wouldn't make a snarky remark to someone you'd just met, or be unduly chummy either. Remember the forum is as much about building relationships as the real world, just slightly easier.

If you think a post is offensive or violates forum rules, use the Report to Moderator link at the bottom right of the post in question. The Moderating Team tries to respond as quickly as possible to every reported post. Reporting a post to the Moderating Team is much preferred over starting a public argument and usually a lot more effective.

Help keep What-If a welcoming home for all of us who enjoy this wacky hobby!

The What-If Moderating Team

If there have been many problems in the past, the mods are usually johnny on the spot for a cleanup, once again, a special thanks to those who keep our playground clean :thumbsup:

Must agree . Having been guilty of snapping before I thought before I wholeheartedly agree with these guidelines. I must also say that this is one of the most friendly welcoming websites EVER :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:


(sorry Brian, I just couldn't help know what a troublemaker I am)

Brian da Basher:

--- Quote from: cthulhu77 on January 10, 2009, 04:13:16 pm ---I COMPLETELY DISAGREE  !!!!

(sorry Brian, I just couldn't help know what a troublemaker I am)

--- End quote ---

If you want an argument, you'll have to go next door.


Brian da Basher


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