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this topic is where you can post movements from your local airport or the airport you visited. you can post civil movements or Military.

here's the movements from here in Ostend, Belgium from yesterday (03.07.07)
i left out the smaller planes (cessna, pipers) cause ther landing here all the time.

-1 x AH-64DN (Dutch AF, returning from waddington)
-1 x SF.260D (Belgian AF, refeul)

-2 x Boeing 747 (MK airlines, arrival)
-1 x AN-124 (Antonov Airlines, arrival)
-1 x AS-365 (NHV, local)

anyone else got interesting movements  ;)  

How about a F-111.




A robinson R-44
A cessna
3 or 4 F-16As. I saw the 2 of them chasing each other, and i heard the 3rd, but didnt see it. Perhaps a 4th was chasing the 3rd. Lots of widebodies (airliners) above the clouds.
The good old S-61 every now and then.

AlphaJets and 2000D from Mont de Marsan flight test center
(but no Rafale alas!  :( )

My crazy neighbour is a private pilot and regularly fly on the DR-400 of the local aeroclub. Its favorite hobby is making low-level flypass over our houses.
I know that because when I was its passenger he did such flybys and this was... unforgivable!  :lol:  

Securité civile Alouette III (and now EC-145)

some days ago a private A350 (not the airbus, the Eurocopter squirrel) with a camera overflew our valley at very low level. No idea what it was seeking nor filming  :blink:  
But it was not painted black, and has a standard registration on its side. So at least it was not CTU nor CIA  :rolleyes:  
Alas the digital camera battery went dead just at this moment  :(

movements here at Ostende (EBOS) today:

-Alouette 3 (Belgian Navy, M-01)

-747 (MK airlines, arrival)
-Ju-52 (yes, its "Tante Ju", back like every summer  :wub: )
-DC-8 (MK airlines, arrival)
-737 (Jetair)
-A-320 (Jetair)


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