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The place for your general chat and ideas etc

I will be building, or at least plan to, 3 models - 1 simple re-paint of an in-service aircraft in a different theatre, 1 resin kit of a real world prototype which in my world enters service and then a mash up from 3 kits, which is a serious departure for me  :rolleyes:

Anyway enjoy yourselves once we get going

I'm in!  Single seater jet.  Will also see if I can fit a single seater piston fighter.

Due to a real life commitment (a pleasant one) I shall be sitting out the first month of this.
I will however be attempting, in months 2 & 3, to build an armoured car (fairly simple but will require a scratchbuilt turret), an RAF Harrier B (major kitbashed PSR hog) and an RAAF alternate purchase (paintjob Whiff).

The Big Gimper:
Thanks for including rule #3. I have some ideas in which the RCAF had a larger presence of A/C from UK manufacturers.

RCAF EE Lightning and maybe others subject to the effects of increasing the dosage of my anti-procrastinating drugs.

The topic doesn't ring many bells here (I could re-submit the Sea Hawk trainer, perhaps...?), but have one or two ideas for entries. One will probably be a late WWI biplane, and I consider a (he he) Spitfire with a radial engine.


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