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Carrier-based F-16 revealed...

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In case anyone's wondering, @indopacom is an OFFICIAL US DoD social media account, and this post is still up (11:18am 25sep20 UK time)...

Gosh it must be a heck of a small carrier if that is all the size of the hanger deck .  :wacko:

That looks like a pretty standard HAS to me. It's roof is curved anyway, and they'd never waste that much unusable space on a carrier.

Their social media "expert" must be as adept at aircraft recognition as the Sun or other websites.....

At least USN hasn't been infected by the USAF and GOP disease where they've use images
of Russian aircraft to celebrate various anniversaries.
 ;D :wacko:

I was joking with a friend that the graphics in a recent Happy Birthday USN image couldn't be
correct as they used an image of a current USN destroyer rather than one of an Udaloy-class


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