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Blohm and Voss Ae 607

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I made a start on Saturday on this and got a couple of hours, followed by another couple of hours today. I missed Sunday as I was at the Elstree show.

By end of play today I have an almost completed airframe and quite a few smaller sub-assemblies. She will need some p.s.r. on the wing leading edge as the fit of the internals is a little tight and the upper and lower halves don't quite meet in places no matter how many clamps you use. I thought this was one of RS's new toolings which are quite well moulded, but it is much more of a limited run standard from a few years ago so may simply be an injection moulded re-pop of their original resin tooling ? Some of the sprue gates are in some very awkward places and the instruction sheet leaves a lot to be desired. So I'm a little disappointed but only because I'd set my hopes a tad to high.

Still we are getting there and I should have a couple of pics tomorrow.

Ahem, I did not remember what the BvAe607 was looking like, but Google showed me:

You're building a JET Chris????  :o

Shock! Horror!


--- Quote from: PR19_Kit on June 10, 2019, 08:52:28 am ---You're building a JET Chris????  :o

Shock! Horror!

--- End quote ---

And I bought a tank at Elstree  ;) Just need to get that ship I've been promising myself now.

Only problem with jets is that I never know what the finishing ceremony is. With my usual builds attaching the prop is the final act, but with a jet ?

Meanwhile I'm making slow progress, lets just say attaching the canopy is going to be interesting  :-X

On a completely different note I achieved Ace status this morning in the annual Bluebottle War. Going for my Pour le Merite now  ;D


--- Quote from: NARSES2 on June 11, 2019, 06:43:09 am ---
Meanwhile I'm making slow progress, lets just say attaching the canopy is going to be interesting  :-X

--- End quote ---

 :banghead: :banghead:

Still got some sub-assemblies done including the X-4 missiles. Kit comes with 4, but she may only get 2 ?

Must admit I really can't see how these things would have worked in combat when fired by a single seater ? From a two seater where the back seater can concentrate on guiding them, possibly, but a single seater. They were tested, but under the stresses and strains of combat  :unsure:


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