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BD-5 Luftwaffe

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Gonna be a BD-5 of the Luftwaffe. I wish I had more to say but uhh... I guess the write up is as simple as the project should be.

My choice in markings was sort of forced on me due to how small this thing is. Seems the only decals I have that would fit on these were German....  just so happens that I had them handy from the kit (1/144 F-4F) was I already working on. VERY convenient.  Anyhow... the more I think about it, the more I like the idea actually so this is good!

Plans are to paint it with a half camo half light grey type thing. Camo on the tops with a scalloped transition to grey sides. Should be easy.... thing is so small, just hand paint it and it's hard to mess up lines when they aren't straight to begin with.  ;D

What function does it serve? Who knows... this is going to be the prop version so perhaps it's suitable as some sort of forward observer or some such.

Back when the idea was hot, "light battlefield aircraft" were also considered for anti-helicopter role. Which is a Very Bad Idea for Bede since it will die horribly if a gunship even looks at it and is unlikely to be able to carry much in the way of firepower. Theoretically, some Stinger tubes might be feasible, especially with an uprated engine; machine guns won't do much against attack choppers and autocannons weigh as much as the entire plane.

Light strike was another popular envisioned role, again the Bede is thoroughly unsuitable for such a job and even generally the concept seems odd, because ground attack usually warrants some degree of armouring to withstand hits or speed to avoid said hits. In counter-insurgency a light plane will do just fine, and can actually be more cost effective than a big heavy strike fighter, but in a contested airspace smack in the middle of two mechanized armies complete with pintle-mounted MG's on every vehicle and plenty of self-propelled AA platforms? How about no.

Battlefield observation, artillery spotter, or forward air controller would seem more plausible, at least observation aircraft have managed to survive even without heavy armour - mainly because they loiter some distance away and do not need to set up bomb run or guide a missile in, and ground pounders might even think they should not expose their position by firing at something that may not have detected them yet and is specifically enticing them to do that.

That said, light battlefield aircraft were envisioned specifically to the Central European front, so a Luftwaffe Bede in such a role makes perfect sense.

Old Wombat:
I'd look at cobbling together a fairly simple nose & wing-tip IR recce package (remembering that the BD-5 has no ground clearance to speak of) & paint her up for nocturnal low-level battlefield reconnaissance missions.

Thanks for the information and input!!!

I love the suggestions too, but I'm going to be lucky to even finish the thing let alone mod it!  ;D  Just so happens the same week of the GB is one I already have jam packed with paying work that is going to not only take my time but sap my energy. I'm actually genuinely worried that I won't be able to make the deadline.  :unsure: 

The Rat:
I put a downpayment on the factory-built version of that, but problems getting the engine certified screwed the whole project. :-\


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