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Seen at the airshow today

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Wonderful stuff.  :thumbsup:

Did they aerotow or winch launch the Kite?

Ah, it was a DOUBLE aerotow! I just found the pic on your Flickr page.

Captain Canada:
What a great looking show ! The sky looked awesome for an atmospheric photo shoot....great job. I'm pretty sure Nick drove me past the plce on our way from London to Waddington.


I haven't been to a good airshow in so long! Shame on me!

My first business trip to RIAT (long may that continue! :) ) They are marking BoB 75 and I got to see 16 spitfires, hurricanes and 109s in the air at once!

Unfortunately I failed to plan and thus achieved P.P.P. due to my camera batteries dying juts prior to the Reds display...  This is a taster of the best of what I managed

Full set here


Good stuff Caveman, I was there too. Did you get wet as well?

I DID remember new batteries, and used my short lens on one camera and the long lens (300 mm) on the other. But the result is I now have over 250 pics to edit!  :banghead: :banghead:

All my pics of the flying Osprey froze the rotors/props dead, so it looks really odd, I may have to Photoshop some 'blur' onto them later.

My two 'stars' were the total madman flying the Atlas, it's almost INVERTED in the pic below, and the P-1. It STILL looks like a sawn-off DC8 with a MAD sting to me.  ;D

More pics later.


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