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Directly overhead, just some F-16s turning short final for the south end of the Carswell Field runway.  Off to one side, on a direct approach to the field, assorting C-130s and at least one all-black T-38.

This morning, a Dash-8 or ATR

Not over my place, but a few days back I was visiting the town of Kutna Hora which is about halfway between Prague and Caslav.

While I was waiting to start a tour of one of the town's tourist attractions a Gripen and two L-159 ALCAs from the base at Caslav winged it over (one at a time not all together)

Not fast enough with the camera unfortunately.

lets se, yesterday was jobday, ive seen:

-DC-10-30 (gemini Airlines)
-3 x 747 (MK airlines)
-Cessna Citation
-Fokker 100
-Piaggio P.149 (in luftwaffe Markings  :wub: )

Out walking 5 miles south of my house today, got caught in a torrential downpour, but saw a Tornado F3 and an Su-30MKI in very tight formation overhead.  Don't see that everyday B)

No camera (again!!)  :dum:  


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