Author Topic: 1:72 Thyssen-Henschel 8×8 Waffenträger VTS3 “Diana”, 1984  (Read 1293 times)

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Re: 1:72 Thyssen-Henschel 8×8 Waffenträger VTS3 “Diana”, 1984
« Reply #15 on: July 05, 2021, 08:00:53 am »
Neat idea, well executed as ever. :thumbsup:

Never liked the Luchs as a recce vehicle because it's so damned BIG. I stood next to one at Budge's collection before it was sold off: damn thing's the size of a bus! Must admit though, I didn't realise it was so quiet. That's a bit of a redeeming feature at least. I've got two in the stash: one complete and one that's had it's turret and some of it's wheels nicked, so the latter might be up for the sci-fi hover/grav treatment one day,
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