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My Stash Just Grew Again / Re: My stash just grew again 2021
« Last post by kitbasher on Today at 01:37:29 am »
My daily read the I is running a competition on Saturday where the prizes will be 1 of 372 of the new Spitfire starter kits. Just incase any one fancies their luck ?

Entered the competition yet, Chris?
Aircraft / PolyKarpov I-1616 Dvoynoy Ishak
« Last post by Tophe on Today at 12:25:14 am »
A few weeks ago, a provider sent me a discount ticket to have some cheap things almost for free. I looked if it had aircraft model kits and yes! but not what I wanted to buy this year. At last, I have chosen 2 pieces of Zvezda Polikarpov I-16 1/144, tiny but fun maybe to build a zwilling!
(Dvoynoy ishak means Double donkey, while I am not sure, as Wikipedia was saying the Russian I-16 is named Ishak/Donkey but Google Translate says ishak means a$$Ö in Kirghiz).

= link
Armour / Re: LVT(A)-1A "Crocodile"
« Last post by Old Wombat on Yesterday at 11:23:46 pm »
I like this idea..I had all of italeris LVT's and the idea of a Aussie version with the Saladin turret would make perfect sense to me's a mod I could see them doing.

Why am I not surprised, Wardukw? :unsure: ;)
Armour / Re: LVT(A)-1A "Crocodile"
« Last post by Old Wombat on Yesterday at 11:19:37 pm »
First images.

Phase One - Basic Turret Fitment:

Phase Two - Turret Ring & Rear Superstructure Extension Installation:

Phase Three - PSR + Primer:

Plane Spotting / Re: Seen Over Your House Today
« Last post by perttime on Yesterday at 09:49:44 pm »
Oh, it was a few days ago when I saw a C-17 on approach to the air port / air base, in the middle of the day.

They are not unusual, but not exactly frequent visitors either. My sister who lives near the air port saw one late in the evening and checked Flightradar. Looks like it came from Beirut. That makes me think it had something to do with Peace Keeping operations.
Armour / Re: LVT(A)-1A "Crocodile"
« Last post by Old Wombat on Yesterday at 09:30:57 pm »
The name Crocodile has always suggested a flame thrower to in the Churchill Crocodile.

Crocodile works because it's an Alligator with more bite. ;D
Recce & Surveillance GB / Re: RAAF SpectreROO (MD 750 lookalike)
« Last post by kerick on Yesterday at 08:21:33 pm »
It looks like an interesting start. Keep us posted on your progress. If you run into trouble Iím sure we can help you out.
Recce & Surveillance GB / RAAF SpectreROO (MD 750 lookalike)
« Last post by Zero-Sen on Yesterday at 07:17:30 pm »
Placeholders for my upcomming recce projects...
  • 1/100 SpectreROO
  • 1/100 VautourIIR
  • 1/144 Eagle Eye PR.1
Donors for project #1 :
  • 1/100 Mig-25 ( AFV Club ), fuselage + nose
  • 1/72  Mirage IIIE/S ( MisterCraft,  Heller mould ), wings + tailfin + supersonic tanks + decals
  • 1/72  Mirage IIIO interchangeable recon nose with panoramic camera ( clear resin from High Planes )

Not sure I will finish one because I am not a modeller, but I'll do my best to learn and gain some skills... ;D
Armour / Re: LVT(A)-1A "Crocodile"
« Last post by rickshaw on Yesterday at 07:12:23 pm »
The Australian Army did operate LVTs after WWII.  They took part in one of military disasters when during their annual camp the 15th Northern Rivers Lancers, in March 1954, was marred by disaster in Stockton Bight.  They never mounted Saladin turrets but they did operate LVT(A)4s.  The vehicles lost by foundering were five LVT(a)4s, one LVT4 and two DUKWs.  :banghead:
Armour / Re: Wardukw is back..kinda
« Last post by Wardukw-NZ on Yesterday at 06:48:26 pm »
Ok soon joined Flickr and I've started to upload pics..but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get the copy off Flickr and into here.
Can anyone help me here ??😊
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