FS: 1/72 decal sets for F-18, Harriers, Tornados, WW2 Corsairs

Started by JoeP, June 14, 2022, 08:56:18 AM

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Hi gang!
I have some sets of decals I'll never use and would like to get them to people who will.

Microscope 72-467 F-18 Data
Super Scale International Inc. 72-578 F/A-18A  VFA-132, VFA-303, VFA-305
Super Scale International Inc. 72-652 F/A-18C  VFA-37, VFA-94, VMFAT-101
RepliScale F-18 US Marines  VMFA 312 VMFA-451
ModelDecal set no 67  Royal Navy Sea Harriers: 809 + 899 NAS, RAF Tornado GR1 9 SQN + TWCU, Puma HC1 33 + 230 SQN 240 OCU

I also have two sets that are partially used:
Eagle Strike Productions 72013  Pacific Corsairs
     I've used 2 out of the 6 sets

Model Decal set no 75  RAF Ronado GR1 XV + 16 SQN RAFG 45 SQN/TWCU, RN Harrier T4N 899NAS, Updates for 41 SQN Jaguar GR1, 57SQN Victor K2 + 809 NAS Sea Harrier FRS1
     I've used some of the Harrier decals

Send me a message or reply in this thread.  I'm in the USofA.  No reasonable offer refused.  First come first serve.  Shirt and shoes optional.
In want of hobby space!  The kitchen table is never stable.  Still managing to get some building done.