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Title: FS: 1/72 decal sets for F-18, Harriers, Tornados, WW2 Corsairs
Post by: JoeP on June 14, 2022, 08:56:18 AM
Hi gang!
I have some sets of decals I'll never use and would like to get them to people who will.

Microscope 72-467 F-18 Data
Super Scale International Inc. 72-578 F/A-18A  VFA-132, VFA-303, VFA-305
Super Scale International Inc. 72-652 F/A-18C  VFA-37, VFA-94, VMFAT-101
RepliScale F-18 US Marines  VMFA 312 VMFA-451
ModelDecal set no 67  Royal Navy Sea Harriers: 809 + 899 NAS, RAF Tornado GR1 9 SQN + TWCU, Puma HC1 33 + 230 SQN 240 OCU

I also have two sets that are partially used:
Eagle Strike Productions 72013  Pacific Corsairs
     I've used 2 out of the 6 sets

Model Decal set no 75  RAF Ronado GR1 XV + 16 SQN RAFG 45 SQN/TWCU, RN Harrier T4N 899NAS, Updates for 41 SQN Jaguar GR1, 57SQN Victor K2 + 809 NAS Sea Harrier FRS1
     I've used some of the Harrier decals

Send me a message or reply in this thread.  I'm in the USofA.  No reasonable offer refused.  First come first serve.  Shirt and shoes optional.