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Old Wombat:
Hi! :D

This is a place holder for the Eduard 1/48 "Weekend Edition" Polikarpov I-16 Type 24 that is nearing completion.

Building it OoB, with only a "kitbashed" set of seatbelts added.

Paintwork may vary, as I'll be trying to custom mix Soviet style colours from what I have in the rack.

It's the first of my 1/48 Favourite Single-Engined Fighters series of builds.

Finished photo's only, I'm afraid. ;)


Albeit in the wrong scale.  ;)


--- Quote from: Old Wombat on September 23, 2020, 08:38:31 pm ---
It's the first of my 1/48 Favourite Single-Engined Fighters series of builds.

--- End quote ---

Must admit I've been thinking about something similar, starting with the new tool Eduard Spitfire Mk I. I've always liked the early ones with twin bladed props and flat canopies. Great minds eh ?  ;)

Old Wombat:
My Spitfire is going to be an Airfix Mk.XII (a Griffon & clipped wings :wub:).

There'll also be a Special Hobby CAC CA-13 Boomerang, an ICM P-51C Mustang (with Malcolm hood), an Italeri P-40E/K, a Hurricane of some sort (either one of my Italeri Sea Hurricanes or I'll have to buy one & markings for either one flown by Ginger Lacey or a Czech squadron (310/311?)) & an Airfix Sea Fury.

Others which may be included are a P-47 Thunderbolt, a Vought F4U Corsair and/or an Avia B-135 (this last is a definite, if anyone re-pops them or brings out a new tool).

I already have an Airfix Sea Fury and Walrus in the stash. Now I know why I bought the Sea Fury as it's one of my favourite aircraft, but the Walrus ?  :unsure: It can only be because it looked so good in the box and it has BPF markings.


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