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2019 1 Week GB - THE VOTE!

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Links as follows:
TallEng's DH 88 Comet CC.1:
Gondor's Tornscala:
Dizzyfugu's Bunyip IIb:
sandiego89's Bearcat on floats:
TheChronicOne's Luftwaffe Bede BD-5:
zenrat's T-80 AEV PDRV Republican Guard:
NARSES2's B&V Ae 607:
TomZ's KLu Valkyrie:
Weaver's Alvis Stalwart Space 2099 Lunar Rover:
Bungle's Basset Beagle Bungle:
Bungle's Diamond Da-42 Dominator:
Tophe's BD-5 family drawings:
Ed S's Luftwaffe A-4 Skyhawk:
CANSO's Antigravity hovercraft L.A.R.C. ZZ a.k.a. ZeeZee:

Jeepers that was tough  :banghead:

Well done to all

Yeah, it really needed 8 or 10 votes!  :o

Old Wombat:

--- Quote from: PR19_Kit on June 18, 2019, 09:35:14 am ---Yeah, it really needed 8 or 10 votes!  :o

--- End quote ---

Says he who only gave ONE vote for the Flying Machines of Unconventional Means GB poll! Karma, I call it! :wacko:

Why can we not see how the voting is going like in other votes?


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