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Alvis Stalwart Space 2099 Lunar Rover - FINISHED!

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Okay, I've convinced myself that I can do this and I've got a solid-enough plan.  :rolleyes:

I'm going to try to build an S&M Stalwart Mk.2 into a 'moon buggy' as used in a sci-fi TV series. It will make no attempt to be actually useable (that's what non-matching interior sets are for... :wacko:), just to look cool whie being quick'n'dirty to produce. To this end, it will have a simple flat panel over the load bed, with the upper half of a fibreglass Saladin prop stuck on top of that and suitably disguised.

The working idea for the TV series is that it's a Gerry Anderson re-boot/homage in the mid 2000's, directed by Joss Whedon after the cancellation of Firefly. The project starts out as Space 1999 series III, but is changed in development to merge aspects of Space 1999 and UFO with a more credible backstory and better attention to science than either of them. This has the advantage that surplus Stollys were definitely available by then (one briefly appeared in the Firefly pilot).

Sounds interesting!

Aaaand within 24 hours, Events are already conspiring to steal my time: just lost an evening and a morning... :banghead:

Not wanting to be left out, my internet connection's just started playing up too... :rolleyes:

And we're off!

The obligatory starting point picture. The Stolly didn't have a box: Mel was selling them in bags with no instructions or decals at a show earlier this year (the instructions in the pic came from a full one that I bought a few years ago).

Christ, this thing is a PITA. There's NO location points, even where it would be easy to provide them, the backs of the wheels don't fit in the fronts and EVERY suspension unit needs so much remodelling that it's almost a completely different shape when you've finished. The problem with the latter is that they fall across the mould split line, so EVERY surface that needs to be an angled flat is actually mildly conical.... :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

I thought I'd have the basic vehicle all together by now, but in fact, I've only just started glueing things together... :o


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