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'Swiss Vigilance' - Hunters, Venoms, Centurions live-fire


Swiss Vigilance


An award-winning film about the Swiss military made in 1965, posted on Twitter by The Aviation Historian (an account well worth following) here:

Not in English I'm afraid, but well worth 25 mins of your time (less if you skip the intro) just for the gorgeous visuals.

Some highlights:

5:00 - End of the intro

10:00 - Hunters flying through the alps  :wub:

17:00 - Live air-to-ground weapons:
            Hunters with guns, rockets and bombs
            Venoms with napalm

Interesting video.  Bit jingoistic but hey, it's one of the few around about the Swiss in the 1960s.  Lots of great visuals. :thumbsup:


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