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Build was started by covering the missing engines with styrene sheet and putty. While the putty was curing the cockpit (Pavla Alphajet set) was painted. later the correct place for the cockpit was decided and a cavity was made to take the cockpit tub. A little putty was needed to get the fill the old cockpit of the P6M.
The engine (taken from a matchbox Buccaneer) was puttied. The wheel wells really took a lot putty, should have filled it with plasticard and  putty it over. :banghead:

IMG_20200302_212928591 by Buddy Holly, on Flickr

IMG_20200302_212937325 by Buddy Holly, on Flickr

Although it's looking crude at the moment with some sanding it'll become an elegant looking plane me thinks...

David aka 63cpe

Wow! :thumbsup:

Good start - it looks typically French; in other words stylish but slightly bizarre, with apparently random complications for no other reason than "being different".

Here among what-ifers, "being different" is a joke, usual and pleasant I think.
For industrial companies, "being different" may be a bad way to avoid paying Copyright… (I even learned that at French university…)

I presume you will be crafting ring form tail surfaces with the jet efflux passing through the centre?


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