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Hi all

I have a completed blank profile.

Didn't see this GB so of course banged out 3 FAA profiles :D  I do have other naval subjects planned (and any suggestions are welcome) some of which I'd like to post here.

Could this be considered part of the prep phase?

This is the place to put those previously finished builds and illustrations (or indeed those that have been deemed to be to far advanced to qualify for the GB) so that they can act as inspiration for others  :thumbsup:

Thanks Chris.

This is one of my builds from the last In the Navy GB.  Hope it inspires someone.

Fnord Galactic Skyliner 500 4 by Fred Maillardet, on Flickr

Old Wombat:
Just a bunch of random ideas thrown into the big mixing pot:

Peking Horse Marines (USMC) 1936

"Space Marines" 3D Art by Serene Night in Sci-fi Fun

Colonial Marines "Aliens"

Battleship by JaeCheol Park (Paperblue)

World of Warships in Space

Concept painting for a Royal Navy Early Warning Radar & Control aircraft.

Royal Naval Division, (Drake) Battalion (possibly Gallipoli, 1915)

AWE 17: Royal Marines Test New Black Hornet Micro-Drones

Dunno, this just came up during a search

Here you have some of my ongoing projects that cannot be submitted as participants, because they are much started.

Any advance in one of this projects will be reported here. Just for INSPIRATION.

HMS Nelson in USS South Dakota configuration:
Hybrid battleship/carrier based on HMS Nelson:
Upgunned HMS Hood:


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