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I've gone the extra mile. I'm not only making a what-if model, I made a whole what-if MODEL KIT. How many individual modelers go to such lengths just to make a kit for themselves?!

I'm going to just copy/paste most of what I said about this in my blog already as it covers most of it:


The "story" so far:

It's the late 1950's and after two tragic L-188 Electra II crashes, in THIS alternate world, the production not only stopped on the civil version but any plans for military use also went out the window. This creates a gap where the P-3 would have existed but since that plan is now cancelled, we still need a replacement for the Neptune. In steps the General Dynamics P-4 Pluto.

The Pluto utilizes two rear-mounted Pratt and Whitney JT3D-C (C for "compact") engines which are smaller versions of the larger JT3D family of engines. Approximately 2/3 the size of the originals, the new engines were designated "TF33C" for military applications. Rear mounted due to the low wing, naturally, and different. I could have went with an internal engine...but then, being Navy, I would have needed two and that involved serious modification. This is much simpler and is rather novel so I like it.

Let's see... what else....  Role...  It's role is anti-submarine and maritime patrol. It was designed with this in mind therefore has a compartment stretching across the bottom of the aircraft to contain those little sonobouy things. It also has a rather large fuel tank in the fuselage (gotta stick SOMETHING in there  ;D ) and with the addition of wing tanks and external drop-tanks the Pluto has an impressive range.

Probably sounds pretty stupid to the folks more "in the know" about all this but I did what I could.  :lol:  A lot of this was dictated by what I had available and how the plane itself could be configured. It just wound up being that this stuff fits the bill more than any other things I could think of.

SO, I got a little carried away. I decided it would be nice to have a box to put all these parts in so I found one then decided, "You know what? Why not just MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN KIT."  ;D ;D ;D    So, I made a kit! I still need to throw a sheet of decals in there and some "instructions" but I have "sealed" parts in a box with art work even. What fun!   :laugh:

Here's the parts and then the box. I even color coded the bags... blue one for clear parts and associated such as the cockpit and things by the nose, green for undercarriage because green is the Earth and contact the gear, and yellow for other small parts.

Fast forward to now.

I think some may have thought I was fibbing, but I wasn't. This is now underway!

I've glued together the wings then sawed away the middle part so I could properly fit them. I needed this to happen so I could plot out where the rest of things go like the cockpit and tail stuff. After a few hours of measuring and consideration I've mocked up what I plan to do: 

I tried to make it nice and tight so I could plan further but some of this is a bit droopy and misaligned. Also, I'm going to further adjust the whole empennage area to make the cruciform tail and rear engine arrangement look/function better.

So, I'm going to triple check all this stuff then mark and cut out the cockpit. I have all the parts to make it. I have a tub, a seat, a control panel, a stick, and plenty of sheet styrene to shore it all in. Nose weight or something after that then it will be more checking and checking then maybe closing up the fuselage to work on the wings.

Long read.  :o  :rolleyes:

EDIT:     Storing this "parts list" here as I had problems finding it just now; it was buried in my blog.    This thing has stuff from all over. Including a number of parts I can't place, I have gear from a 1/100 scale Nitto 707 (oh, that's where the enginges came from too) the tires are from 1/72 scale Phantom kit. Canopy is a 1/72 Mustang. Fuselage is 1/72 B-58 pod. Wings are from 1/144 Caravelle. Fin is from 1/72 F-15.  Not sure where all the cockpit parts came from. Drop tanks and arrestor hook came from aforemention Phantom kit.

 ;D ;D

Thanks, brotha!  I think I have 90% of what I need and through the grace of Mother Putty and Saint Sheet Styrene we'll have us an operational bird.  :wacko:


--- Quote from: Flyer on August 29, 2019, 10:34:26 pm ---Looking good :thumbsup:

Personally I'd have the wing's much further back, wing trailing edge at or almost at the engine intakes like a bizjet. Just my two cents...

--- End quote ---

Second that -  would also make sense for the landing gear, the wings appear quite far forward when I estimate the aircraft's CoG, and hiding the recracted legs somewhere is easier in the wings than in the fuselage (would also make a very narrow track). Nice package, nevertheless!

Reminds me of a Scott Furlong aircraft only they had the wing at the top of the fuselage.

That was a whiff as it was from a TV series in the uk made in the mid 60's called "The Plane Makers"


Very nice!  As a former squid, I approve!   :thumbsup:  (As if that meant anything!  ;) )

An easy add-on would be a high-power search-light. The Nimrod had a Searchwater light in the nose of the starboard slipper-tank (the thing sticking forward out of the wing).  I read somewhere that it could light up a quarter square mile of ocean ... here's a picture of it

 All you need is a spare drop tank shaped thing that you can slot onto the front of the wing, and put a clear bit into the front of it.

I once made a targeting pod that way, by melting a bit of clear sprue - it went all clear and globular, once heat was applied.


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