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B-52 "FICON": B-52 carrying F-104's *finished*

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With Soviet defenses improving, Strategic Air Command desired a follow on to the Fighter Conveyor (FICON) concept that had been employed by the GRB-36/RF-84 combination.  Much higher performance than achieved by the earlier concepts was needed. To extend their range the fighters would be carried by the launch aircraft, and three primary roles were specified: reconnaissance, nuclear strike, and fighter escort for the Bombers.

Making an existing fighter, or a purpose built fighter, fit partially into the bomb bay of the B-52 was deemed too expensive and unwieldy, but after some design work on the B-52 mother ship launchers for the X-15 program, it was soon determined that a F-104 could be fitted in a similar underwing fashion.  It was further determined that some of the same components being developed for the for the Hound-Dog missiles could also be used....

The kits:
1/72 Monogram B-52D
(x2) 1/72 Esci F-104

Has been in my mind for years- going to be a big one, wish me luck! 

I do indeed wish you luck with this one.
A rather wonderfull idea, but why only two 104's? OK one under each wing, maybe, and another in the belly like the B-36/XF-85 Goblin system.
Get on with it, I will watch this one with extreme interset.



--- Quote from: JayBee on March 18, 2018, 12:55:11 pm ---and another in the belly like the B-36/XF-85 Goblin system.

--- End quote ---

There is not enough room in the belly because the wing spar runs right above the bomb bay area. One of the reasons why the B-52 couldn't carry the Mk.17 fusion bomb without removing the bomb bay doors and then it was very tight.

This is going to be EPIC :mellow:

1/144 would've been a simpler scale choice, lol


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