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The Racing and Competition G.B. The Rules
« on: September 23, 2018, 05:59:33 am »
Right here are the rules for the G.B.  You have plenty of time to raise any questions you may have with the Moderators (Joncarrfarrelly and Zenrat) but please remember they are separated by the Pacific Ocean and it may take them a little while to discuss your question with each other.

1. This GB runs from the 1st November 2018 till midnight of 31st January 2019. Extensions will be available for purchase from the mods early in the new year.  Cash only. Extensions will be considered in the normal way nearer the date  ;D

2.  Build, draw or write about something that takes part in competition.

3. 'Competition' includes but is not limited to, racing, time trials and point or goal scoring events such as football or gymkhana.

4. We welcome models, profiles, stories, detailed rule books, team photographs, results tables and anything else your fertile minds can think of. 

5. Models already started are allowed as long as major building work has not started before the GB begins. Check with the Moderators.  You are more likely to get a "yes" if we like you.

7. Finished models and profiles to be posted (with picture and link to build thread) in the finished builds thread within the overall GB thread in this Board. Please do not post comments in the finished builds thread.

8.  Have FUN. 

9. Moderators are Joncarrfarrelly and zenrat.  Take that as you will.   :mellow:

10. There is no rule 6, don't EVER ask about rule 6 (O.K. so sometimes itís Rule 7 that doesnít get mentioned, but I felt sorry for it this time around).
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Re: The Racing and Competition G.B. The Rules
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2018, 02:54:29 am »
Competitors one and all.
There are just over two days to go until we start The Competition.
Please begin making your way towards the start line in an orderly manner.
Those requiring scrutineering form a civilised queue and have your wallets ready.


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