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i just remembered this idea from many years ago, but im surprised not to see a thread about this yet.

as you remember, before the German invasion of Europe in 1940, many countries ordered new equipment to rearm its outdated armed forces. however, most of it never got delivered before they surrendered. so the idea is "what if they did?".
if the German Blitzkrieg could have been holded up until 1941, they could have had theyre hands full fighting Curtis Hawk 75, P-40's, Spitfire MkI, Hurrican Mk.I, P-39's....from various nations and not just those of France and Britain.

this GB could not be limited to planes, but also ships, armour,....

Lots of potential here, and colorful/exotic options, too. I did some whifs that would fit, including several aircraft for the Baltic states, Belgian and French Wildcats, an Polish Hurricane, and some more.

Good idea.  We'll be voting on next years subjects soon.   :thumbsup:

That'll have much potential.  I have ideas of how the RN and USN might have exchanged resources, beyond the Lend-Lease of 50 old destroyers.


--- Quote from: zenrat on October 11, 2020, 03:49:54 am ---Good idea.  We'll be voting on next years subjects soon.   :thumbsup:

--- End quote ---

Depends what your definition of soon is ? I haven't even started thinking about it yet.

It's a cracking idea however  :thumbsup:


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