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McGreig's Gallery of Failure - Spitfire Seaplane & Yak-3 Now Finished

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Captain Canada:
Holy cow you're super busy over there eh ? Nice ! Lots of tasty goodies to peruse. I really like the twin P-40....and that Spitfire looks awesome in those colours ! I cn imagine the look on the Germans faces when they started facing Spitfires again..... :thumbsup:

Love that Soviet Spit floatplane.  :thumbsup: :bow:

And you're right about Esoteric and their range of stuff, I wish I'd bought more of their beaching trolley kits when they were about.

I see no failures here. Just some works in progress.  :thumbsup:

nice spit - is the dolly scratch built or out of some kit ?


--- Quote from: dumaniac on August 09, 2014, 04:05:50 am ---nice spit - is the dolly scratch built or out of some kit ?

--- End quote ---

See the note just above the last pic.  It was a white metal kit made by Esoteric Models from East Hagbourne in the UK. I know this for sure becayse a) I have  a couple of them and b) Esoteric worked from a house that was one occupied by one of my best school buddies.  ;D


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